Hogarth / FIJI, Matasawalevu 73%(ホガース / フィジー 73%ダークチョコレート) [HG#07]

Hogarth / FIJI, Matasawalevu 73%(ホガース / フィジー 73%ダークチョコレート) [HG#07]

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総重量: 100g




Hogarthは、カカオ豆からチョコレートバーになるまでを一貫して作り上げるBean to Bar(ビーントゥバー)と呼ばれるスタイルでチョコレートを作っている、ニュージーランドの南島ネルソンのチョコレート工房です。

1. Sort - カカオ豆を手作業で丁寧に選別

2. Roast - 酸味を和らげフレイバーを増し水分量を調整するため小さなロットで焙煎

3. Crush and Classify - 外皮を取り除き選別するためカカオ豆を破砕

4. Winnow - 外皮とカカオニブを特殊な機械で選別

5. Grind and Conch - 望むテクステャーのためカカオニブと砂糖を精錬

6. Age - 芳醇な酸味をかもすためブロックにし一ヶ月の熟成

7. Melt, Temper & Mold - 輝き歯ごたえ保存性のためブロックを溶かしテンパリングを行い成型

8. Hand Wrap - エンボス加工を施した包装紙でひとつひとつ手作業にて包装


Cocoa was introduced in Fiji in 1880 by the British with several varieties Trinitario from Ceylon (now Sri Lanka) and Trinidad . The modern day development of the industry was initiated in 1960’s when the government made efforts to establish cacao as a smallholder crop to be interplanted with coconut. The Amelando variety was introduced as it proved to be relatively disease resistant. Although the government efforts and increased prices resulted in an upswing in the industry during the second half of the 60’s, exports lingered at insignificant levels until the mid 70’s and did not take off considerably until the early 1980’s as world prices increased. Following independence, there was a large government led cocoa expansion program based on Amelonado variety. Fijian cocoa production remained fairly constant during the 80’s and peaked at all time high of 468 tonnes in 1987.

Our chocolate is made from Amelonado cacao grown on Vanua Levu, Fiji. The beautiful Matasawlevu farm is nestled on the foothills overlooking the Dreketi river.

We buy this cacao directly from the grower to make a 73% dark chocolate using only cacao, sugar and cocoa butter. The bar has a strong chocolate base with notes of dried tropical fruit.


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  • 内容量:70g

  • weight : 70g

    Pure cocoa beans
    Pure cane sugar
    Pure cocoa butter