Hogarth / DOMINICAN REPUBLIC, CONACADO 75%(ホガース / ドミニカ 75%ダークチョコレート) [HG#04]

Hogarth / DOMINICAN REPUBLIC, CONACADO 75%(ホガース / ドミニカ 75%ダークチョコレート) [HG#04]

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総重量: 100g

ドミニカンリパブリック コナカドは75%ダークチョコレート。ドミニカ共和国のコナカドコーポレーティブから仕入れるオーガニックのカカオ豆とピュアカーンシュガーのみで作られています。



Hogarthは、カカオ豆からチョコレートバーになるまでを一貫して作り上げるBean to Bar(ビーントゥバー)と呼ばれるスタイルでチョコレートを作っている、ニュージーランドの南島ネルソンのチョコレート工房です。

1. Sort - カカオ豆を手作業で丁寧に選別

2. Roast - 酸味を和らげフレイバーを増し水分量を調整するため小さなロットで焙煎

3. Crush and Classify - 外皮を取り除き選別するためカカオ豆を破砕

4. Winnow - 外皮とカカオニブを特殊な機械で選別

5. Grind and Conch - 望むテクステャーのためカカオニブと砂糖を精錬

6. Age - 芳醇な酸味をかもすためブロックにし一ヶ月の熟成

7. Melt, Temper & Mold - 輝き歯ごたえ保存性のためブロックを溶かしテンパリングを行い成型

8. Hand Wrap - エンボス加工を施した包装紙でひとつひとつ手作業にて包装


Our Dominican Republic chocolate is made with organic beans sourced from the Conacado cooperative, a democratically-run co-operative organisation.
Conacado was founded in 1988 and links over 9,000 small-scale cocoa producers through seven regional departments – called Blocks (or Bloques in Spanish) – that serve 182 base associations. More than 80% of members have less than three hectares of land.
Conacado has focused on returning a greater share of the value of cocoa grown by farmers, to the farmers. The organisation calculates that through conventional trade, Dominican Republic farmers receive only 72% of the global market price for cocoa beans and that the income they receive is not sufficient; the income is barely enough to feed producers’ families during harvests, and for the rest of the year, they find themselves obligated to work as labourers. Conacado returns more than 90% of the global market price to its own farmer members through its trade of their cocoa.
With the support of Conacado, fewer cocoa farmers abandon their properties every year. This reinforces rural and community infrastructure development and has an impact on the preservation and conservation of the nearby forests.
The co-operative has organised workshops to teach farmers how to improve fermentation techniques, expand sustainable growing methods, increase productivity, and participate more actively in the co-operative.

The co-operative is working to help farmers improve and expand organic methods so that all cocoa can be certified organic. Since joining Conacado, many cocoa farmers have freed themselves of debts and have built new houses.

The Dominican Republic is one of the largest producers of fine flavour cacao and the Conacado probably the biggest cooperatives in the world (in term of member numbers) for cocoa. The Dominican cocoa flavour can be very diverse, even within Conacado itself due to the cooperative dealing with so many “blocks”. To combat this diversity the cocoa is blended but there will always be a variance between shipments and lots.

Made from Fairtrade and Organic cacao, this chocolate is the darkest of our range. With a strong chocolate flavour enhanced by citrus and dark toffee notes. Rich, strong and dark, a perfect accompaniment for Pinot Noir.


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