Hogarth / VENEZUELA, CARENERO SUPERIOR 72%(ホガース / ベネズエラ 72%ダークチョコレート) [HG#03]

Hogarth / VENEZUELA, CARENERO SUPERIOR 72%(ホガース / ベネズエラ 72%ダークチョコレート) [HG#03]

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総重量: 100g

ベネズエラ カレネロスーペリアは72%ダークチョコレート。ベネズエラの世界的に有名なカカオ豆のトレーディングハウス、フランチェスキから仕入れたトリニタリオ種のカカオ豆とピュアカーンシュガーのみで作られています。



Hogarthは、カカオ豆からチョコレートバーになるまでを一貫して作り上げるBean to Bar(ビーントゥバー)と呼ばれるスタイルでチョコレートを作っている、ニュージーランドの南島ネルソンのチョコレート工房です。

1. Sort - カカオ豆を手作業で丁寧に選別

2. Roast - 酸味を和らげフレイバーを増し水分量を調整するため小さなロットで焙煎

3. Crush and Classify - 外皮を取り除き選別するためカカオ豆を破砕

4. Winnow - 外皮とカカオニブを特殊な機械で選別

5. Grind and Conch - 望むテクステャーのためカカオニブと砂糖を精錬

6. Age - 芳醇な酸味をかもすためブロックにし一ヶ月の熟成

7. Melt, Temper & Mold - 輝き歯ごたえ保存性のためブロックを溶かしテンパリングを行い成型

8. Hand Wrap - エンボス加工を施した包装紙でひとつひとつ手作業にて包装


We purchase our Carenero Superior cacao through the world famous Casa Franceschi, a family owned cacao trading house in Venezuela.
Venezuela is home to some of the worlds finest and varied cacao. With Amazon jungles reaching down to Caribbean coastlines the country is home to many of the worlds rarest and most exclusive cocoa breeds.
The term Carenero refers to the area where the cacao is collected from many smallholding farmers. In Venezuela many cacao farmers often have only a few hectares to harvest from. This does not allow them to ferment their own beans as they cannot collect enough wet mass to get a good fermentation going, they sell the wet mass to an aggregator like Casa Franceschi, who together with other harvests can ferment the beans properly.

Having so many different parcels of cacao arriving at the fermentary from such a large area can result in a lot of variance in the cocoa, so a Carenero of one chocolate maker may not taste the same as a Carenero of another. We have found this within our own shipments, where different flavours are coming from different sacks of beans. One thing is sure though, that the Carenero is unlike any other cocoa we have tasted. Rich and dark with tannins and notes of coffee, coconut, cherry, leather and tobacco this cacao sits apart from many others.

Our Carenero Superior chocolate is complex, strong and dry on the palate with notes of coconut, cherry and sweet tobacco. Pairs well with Rosé.


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