Hogarth / MADAGASCAR, AKESSON ESTATE 70%(ホガース / マダガスカル 70%ダークチョコレート) [HG#02]

Hogarth / MADAGASCAR, AKESSON ESTATE 70%(ホガース / マダガスカル 70%ダークチョコレート) [HG#02]

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Hogarthは、カカオ豆からチョコレートバーになるまでを一貫して作り上げるBean to Bar(ビーントゥバー)と呼ばれるスタイルでチョコレートを作っている、ニュージーランドの南島ネルソンのチョコレート工房です。

1. Sort - カカオ豆を手作業で丁寧に選別

2. Roast - 酸味を和らげフレイバーを増し水分量を調整するため小さなロットで焙煎

3. Crush and Classify - 外皮を取り除き選別するためカカオ豆を破砕

4. Winnow - 外皮とカカオニブを特殊な機械で選別

5. Grind and Conch - 望むテクステャーのためカカオニブと砂糖を精錬

6. Age - 芳醇な酸味をかもすためブロックにし一ヶ月の熟成

7. Melt, Temper & Mold - 輝き歯ごたえ保存性のためブロックを溶かしテンパリングを行い成型

8. Hand Wrap - エンボス加工を施した包装紙でひとつひとつ手作業にて包装


Our 70% Madagascar cacao is sourced directly from the Akesson Estate in the Sambirano Valley. The estate has been in the Akesson family for generations, it produces cocoa, pepper and other spices.
Bertil Akesson has a passion for chocolate and also owns plantations in Brazil and Bali. His plantations are ethically run with education programs for the families of his employees and investment into the local economies to create long term wellbeing.
The Akesssson cacao is used by many craft chocolate makers all over the world due to Bertil’s desire to see fine flavour chocolate spread to every corner of the globe.

In terms of flora, fauna and people, Madagascar has to be the most varied and interesting on the planet. Madagascan cacao is often wrongly mistaken for African cocoa but the two couldn’t be more different. Cacao was introduced during French colonial times when higher quality Trinitario and Criollo breeds were cultivated mainly around the valley that forms either side of the Sambirano river. Rich alluvial soils have proven to be excellent for growing cacao that can be harvested year-round.

The Madagascan cacao has a reputation for fruitiness and our Madagascan does not disappoint. When the chocolate is being made in our factory the air is rich with acidic fruit aroma being given off by the beans. The beans themselves have a plum colour and the chocolate has a reddish hue which all speaks of the berry and raisin flavours that develop. Rich, bittersweet and tart, one can get a sense of the fruit that becomes the bean, that becomes the chocolate.

Made from Organic and Directly traded cacao, this chocolate has starts with bright berry acidity which melts into warm raisin notes.


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  • 内容量:70g

  • weight : 70g

    Pure cocoa beans
    Pure cane sugar
    Pure cocoa butter