Honeywrap / Three pack(3枚セット) [HW05]

Honeywrap / Three pack(3枚セット) [HW05]

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A three pack of Honeywraps with one of each size and a mixture of patterns.

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    How to use:
    Use the warmth of your hands to shape your honeywrap over food and dishes. The honeywrap sticks to itself when you press firmly over the bowl/ plate. When stored in the fridge the beeswax will harden further, retaining the shape and sealing in the goodness.

    How to care for:
    When your honeywrap needs a clean always use cold water and mild soap (eco-friendly is best). Either immerse your honeywrap in cold water and dish soap or sponge off with a dishcloth. Air dry on a dish rack or use a teatowel to dry off. Storing in our tea-towel drawer works for us.

    Some oils and sauces may stain your honeywrap, but your food stays fresh. Don't forget that honeywraps' don't like the heat so avoid dishwashers, microwaves and ovens. Do not use to cover raw meat.

    Your honeywrap can be used again and again following these simple steps.

    Our products are handmade by us and will therefore have some variation in detail, size and shape.
  • 原材料:

    Honeywraps are made from organic cotton blended with a mix of beeswax, tree resin and jojoba oil.

    Why organic cotton?
    Cotton is one of the most pesticide loaded crops in the world. Production of cotton in to clothes uses toxic chemicals at each stage. The chemicals from cotton crops and factories then runs off contaminating water supplies resulting in huge health problems and harming wildlife.

    Organic cotton is made without pesticides therefore it is better for the environment, the farmers and eventually our own health as our skin is not exposed to the harmful chemicals used in the manufacturing process of traditional cotton.

    Beeswax is a by-product of honey production. Honey bees secrete beeswax to make the walls of their honeycomb. When the honey is collected the beeswax cappings are removed and then melted in blocks. Bees must collectively fly about six times around the earth, to make the equivalent of a block of butter in beeswax.

    Beeswax is water repellent, is naturally anti-bacterial and has an indefinite shelf life. It is anti-septic used for wound healing and is used in many cosmetics. Beeswax is a magical substance as are the bees that make it.

    Tree resin and jojoba oil
    Tree resin and jojoba oil are also amazing. They both also have anti-bacterial properties. Tree resin is water resistant and is also used in wound healing and increasingly in many cosmetics.

    Jojoba oil is the liquid produced from the Jojoba plant. It is used in many cosmetics, moisturisers, shampoo and conditioners. Jojoba oil replaced whale oil in these products. Jojoba oil also has anti-fungal properties.

    This combination of these natural ingredients keeps your food fresh and your conscience free.